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Apples and Bananas is a strain developed in a collaboration with the aforementioned Cookies. The developers worked on several different cannabis varieties and crossed them together to create a new strain with a complex terpene profile that actually tastes like apples and bananas. This sweet strain is sure to be one of the most popular choices in any dispensary in 2022.

Apples and Bananas is a hybrid marijuana strain from Compound Genetics. We’re still learning about the flavors and effects of Apples and Bananas. If you’ve smoked this strain before, tell us about it by leaving a review.


Its dense nugs are nothing compared to the tree-like structure with which Apples and Bananas strain come in. Like a pine, it grows gorgeous forest green leaves punctuated by deep purple hues, mounted by olive greens on the flower.

Its nugs themselves carry on the medium green hues, white trichomes, and hairs frosting the entire bud like a Christmas nugget. Bluish undertones give it that cool feel to it. Buy Apples and Bananas Online

Smell & Flavor

When Apples and Bananas reach your hands you will automatically know just how sugary it is. The cherry and banana will overwhelm your nostrils with a creamy and zaney scent, being the top reported aromas. Its terpenes are truly divine. The sour apple hints combined with all the enjoyable hints of vanilla are sure to warm your heart to the thought of your first toke. Gas and spice also come into the mix, making for a savory concoction.

Your first inhale will be filled with a fruity taste. Apples? Bananas? Cherry? Lemon? Each or all of the above will charm your mouth into the couch lock you will be experiencing at the end of the journey. Some sprinkles of pepper and spiciness throughout the exhale, complete with confectionary notes, will fill you up just right.

What are the Medicinal Effects of the Apples and Bananas Strain?

Its indica learning strain can be a pain-relieving measure for those with mild pains. Additionally, Apples and Bananas and their lively, spirited happiness can be of help to those stressed out from life’s challenges or long work hours. Lastly, it can be especially easing to the mind of stoners looking for refuge from anxiety.

How Can You Grow Apples and Bananas?

The Compound Genetics and Cookies collab has feminized seeds available on the market. You can easily purchase some on the internet and cultivate your patch indoors or outdoors. Buy Apples and Bananas Online

Not much else is known about how to grow it but as long as you can get your hands on some seeds you can experiment and try out different methods. Most cannabis plants can be harvested in October for outdoor plants while indoor harvests can be expected at around the 8-to-10-week mark.




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