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Buy Blue Cheese Online

The indica-dominant strain Blue Cheese derives its name mostly from its scent, baring a savory cheese-like smell with a sweet berry undertone of which it inherited from its parent strains.

Despite its cheesy smell, its taste tends to veer towards berries. Some reviewers have mentioned a hint of strawberry in flavor. Blue Cheese was created by cross-breeding a male indica strain of Blueberry with a female hybrid of UK Cheese.

Its normal THC level is around 15%, with its highest-testing topping off at 20%. The high that Blue Cheese creates is a very noticeable elated and relaxed state of being, with a trace of inducing creativity for many reviewers. Suggested use is in the evenings and at night. Buy Blue Cheese Online


The high is known to be a creeper, not instantaneous, so beginning slowly with this strain is suggested. Though Blue Cheese brings a relaxing body high, it does not cause the body to feel heavy like many other tend to do so for many, it won’t create a “couch-lock.” Besides the normal cotton mouth and dry eyes, Blue Cheese can cause minor dizziness or paranoia. Buy Blue Cheese Online

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