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Blue Dream is a very potent hybrid strain that was first popularized among medical cannabis users in California.

A while ago, a sativa-dominant hybrid that originated in Northern California appeared on the cannabis scene.

Blue Dream was rumored to have been grown by DJ Short, a famous breeder that’s been active since the ’70s. This strain blew up when the pop culture started pushing cannabis through the big doors and has been considered a classic ever since.

Rappers and other celebrities even made Blue Dream the theme of many albums, such as Juicy J’s Blue Dream and Lean. Buy Blue Dream Online

What does Blue Dream strain look like?

Blue Dream, contrary to its name, doesn’t have a hint of blue on it.

The flowers look very thick and they usually grow big. They are almost completely green, but they also have orange pistils.

The flowers also tend to be very sticky (it’s known to be loaded with trichomes) so be careful when handling it.

When it grows, Blue Dream is very pleasing to the eye. With some light training, their tall and lanky stature gives them the perfect shape.

How does Blue Dream strain taste?

To many, Blue Dream tastes like Blueberry. This shouldn’t be surprising as it has Blueberry lineage in its roots, after all. Buy Blue Dream Online

With some batches you can also taste a hint of pine, which is due to it having quite a bit of pinene as well.

Blue Dream is rich in myrcene, which is a monoterpene that provides sedation and relaxation. Blue Dream provides both relaxation and euphoria, at different stages of the high.

How does Blue Dream strain smell?

Just like its taste, the smell of Blue Dream reminds of berries. Users tend to describe fresh Blue Dream as extremely pungent, which is due to high myrcene contents. Buy Blue Dream Online

Growing this strain could be a problem if your neighbors don’t like the smell of weed, so keep that in mind when planning your Blue Dream grow.

What are the effects of Blue Dream?

Blue Dream is a hard-hitting strain that has an uplifting effect. It makes users euphoric but, once it starts to wear off, it can produce sedation and full-body relaxation. Buy Blue Dream Online

Medical users report that it is very effective against depression and anxiety.

That being said, it is famous for being a strong pick-me-up sativa and it is great for outdoor activities, similar to Sour Diesel.

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid with 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics.

Its THC levels usually stay at around 17%, with around 2% CBD and 1% CBN.

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