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Green Gelato Strain

The Green Gelato cannabis strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is known for its ability to produce a strong cerebral high. This strain is great for those who are looking to relieve stress and anxiety and promote creativity.

Green Gelato Strain produces large amounts of THC and CBD, which makes it ideal for medical marijuana patients who need relief from pain, nausea and muscle spasms. The aroma of this strain is earthy with hints of pine, citrus and grapefruit. The taste is similar to the smell with notes of pine and citrus fruits. The effects can be felt almost immediately after smoking or vaping this strain but can take up to 45 minutes for full effects to kick in if eaten orally.

Green Gelato Strain Effects

This strain may not be suitable for novice users as it can cause dizziness, paranoia and increased heart rate depending on how much you consume at once; however, this can also be beneficial if you suffer from anxiety disorders since these effects may provide relief from your symptoms without causing any additional harm to your body (or mind!).

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