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If you’re in the market for a potent indica-dominant hybrid, you’ll want to check out Strawberry Romulan. This legendary strain is known for its heavy medicinal properties and earthy flavors. Romulan flowers are also said to be very effective at treating chronic pain and relaxing the body. The effects of this strain are typically Relaxed, Happy, Focused, Euphoric, and Uplifted. strawberry romulan allbud

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Strawberry Romulan Strain is a rare strain of cannabis that has been around for decades. It was first discovered in the 1970s, when a group of students had a chance encounter with a strawberry-flavored strain of marijuana.

The aroma and flavor of this plant are so enticing that it’s hard to believe it comes from an illegal drug—but then again, this is why it’s so popular!

It’s a relaxing indica-dominant blend that’s perfect for those who love their cannabis but don’t want to get too high. The THC content ranges between 14% and 18%, making it ideal for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without getting overwhelmed by its effects.

It was created by crossing Romulan with Strawberry Fields and a third strain, Blue Dream. The result is a plant that produces large, dense buds with a sweet strawberry flavor and smell.

Strawberry Romulan strain is best for daytime use because it offers users a clear-headed and energetic high that won’t leave them feeling tired or lethargic. Strawberry Romulan is good for treating mood disorders and depression as well as pain and inflammation.

If you’re looking for a strain of cannabis that has both indica and sativa properties, but does not get you high, then strawberry romulan weed is the strain for you. It is a hybrid that has a sweet taste and smell, making it great for smoking or vaporizing. It’s also good for relaxing muscles and relieving stress.

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