Green Crack Strain


The Green Crack Strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that is considered by many to be the ultimate party strain. We give you the low down on everything there is to know about one of the most popular strains of cannabis around.

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Green Crack Strain

1. Green Crack Strain
Green crack is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was created in the early 1990’s. It is known for its high THC content (20%+) and fast onset of effects. Its name comes from its bright green color and the fact that it is often smoked in a paper bag.

2. Uses of Green Crack Marijuana
The primary use of green crack strain is to get people stoned. However, it does have some medical applications. It is sometimes prescribed for patients who suffer from chronic pain and muscle spasms. It is also said to help treat depression and anxiety.

3. How to Buy Green Crack Leafly
You can find green crack weed at any dispensary. You can also order it online. If you want to buy green crack online, you should look for companies that sell quality products. Make sure they have good reviews before ordering.

4. Buy Green Crack Online
There are many websites where you can buy green crack. You can search Google for them. There are also many dispensaries that offer green crack online. You can also visit our website and place an order.

5. Green Crack Strain Effects
When you smoke green crack, you will feel relaxed and happy. Your mood will improve and you will become more creative. You may experience increased appetite and hunger.




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