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Rick Simpson cannabis oil is a type of hemp oil formulated by medical marijuana activist Rick Simpson. After discovering the healing powers of cannabis oil and curing himself of his metastatic skin cancer in 2003, Rick Simpson decided to share his knowledge.

The Medicinal Power of Cannabis

Used as a treatment for cancer and a range of other ailments, the oil is called Rick Simpson Cannabis oil and Rick Simpson hemp oil. The oil capitalizes on the healing powers of the cannabis plant, parts of which have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. The oil is one the most effective modern-day curative products derived from the cannabis plant.

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Rick Simpson Oil Recipe

Many people are looking for the Rick Simpson oil recipe to create the cure for cancer and many other conditions. Below is the procedure for making Rick Simpson cannabis oil. You can follow the instructions but keep in mind that legally finding the cannabis plant and its fiber (hemp) is quite difficult. This is why we provide both the Rick Simpson oil recipe and the oil itself to start using it right out of the bottle.

How to Make Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil

Important: Be VERY careful when you boil the solvent. Don’t use stove-tops or red-hot heating elements. Also, avoid sparks, smoking and make sure that you use a fan to ward off fumes from the pot. The entire process should be done in a well-ventilated area.

1. Put the fully dried plant in a plastic container.

2. Use a solvent (ether, pure naphtha, butane, 99% is opropyl alcohol or water) to moisten the material. For one pound of material, you will need two gallons of solvent. For 1 oz., 500ml is enough.

3. Use a clean wooden (untreated) stick to crush the plant. Another similar tool can also be used.

4. Completely soak the plant material with the solvent while continuing the crushing. Stir the mixture for three minutes.

5. Pour the mixture into another container.

6. Add more solvent to the mixture and then stir for more three minutes.

7. Pour this solvent oil mixture into the bucket.

8. Remove the plant material.

9. Using a coffee filter, pour the mixture into another clean container.

10. Boil the solvent. Make sure that you’re safe at all times. A rice cooker will help you pull that off perfectly.

11. Fill 75% of the cooker with the solvent and turn it to HIGH heat. Keep adding the mixture as the solvent evaporates. Pour all the mixture into the cooker.

12. When the mixture’s level goes down for the final time, add some water (10 drops for 1 lb. of dry material).

13. Pick up the cooker (use oven mitts) and swirl the mixture when there is one inch of mixture left.

14. Turn the unit to LOW heat once you have boiled off the solvent. Keep in mind that the oil should always remain under 140°C (290°F).

15. Carefully pour the oil into a stainless steel container.

16. Put this container in a dehydrator or on a gentle heating device like a coffee warmer. Wait for the volatile terpenes and water to evaporate. Once the surface activity dies down in the oil, it is ready for use.

17. Fill the oil in a plastic syringe or any other container of your choice.

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