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Rick Simpson Oil Treatment Protocol

Rick Simpson Oil Protocol

For effective results, it is important to start slowly and listen to your body so that you build up a tolerance for RSO. Everyone is different, so start with low doses and adjust accordingly. RSO for sale at affordable prices
GOAL: To ingest 60 grams/60 ml of oil in 90 days

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How much Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) to take?

Start with a drop the size of a pin head and gradually add more as you build up your tolerance to 1 gram per day. RSO for sale at affordable prices and get your package delivered within 48 hours at

When Should I take

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?

Take a couple of hours before you go to bed.
Take the same sized dosage the next morning. Wait for 4 hours for the dose to be fully active in your system.
Take the same size dosage again after 4 hours.
Continue to take another dose the same size every 4 hours for the first four days. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?
On the fourth day double the size of the dose.
Continue to double the dose every 4 days until you have reached 1 gram per day. Split it up as many times as you need to throughout the day. RSO for sale at affordable prices

How Will I Feel?

Everyone is different, which is why it’s important to decide on how much you can tolerate. If you feel uncomfortable, its okay to stop until you are ready for more. If you are feeling “high”, this is completely normal. Just allow your body to relax and the effects will slowly go away. RSO for sale at affordable prices

 Suggested Dosing:

Once you’ve built up a tolerance it’s easier to split it up into a tenth of a gram, taken five times during the day, with a half gram taken before you go to bed so you won’t feel the high while you sleep. As you take it consistently, you’ll discover what dosing works best for you. RSO for sale at affordable prices

Sample Dosage and How to Consume RSO:

Week 1:

Start with ¼ of a drop, or about half of a grain of rice, every 8 hours – morning, afternoon and one hour before bed. Generally, the psychoactive effects of RSO take about one hour to take effect. Do not try to drive or operate machinery after dosage. Set aside the first 4 days to see how the RSO effects your body. RSO for sale at affordable prices

Week 2-5:

After consuming this amount for four days, most people are able to double their dose, continuing to take every 8 hours. You can continue doubling your dose every 4 days. RSO for sale at affordable prices

Week 5-12:

It generally takes people 3 to 5 weeks to build up to the point of being able to consume 1 ml of oil per day. This would equal about 9 drops every 8 hours, or doses about the size 18 grains of rice. During weeks 5-12, consume 1ml per day until the 60ml amount is consumed. RSO for sale at affordable prices

Important Notes:

RSO for sale at affordable prices

Generally, after a while of taking the RSO, many people do not experience any sort of “high”. However, everybody is different and the effects of RSO will differ greatly depending on body and constitution.

***For those who wish to ingest RSO as it was intended for serious health complications, it is recommended to consume a full 60 grams over the course of about 90 days. RSO for sale at affordable prices

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